Horrifying Moment A SEVEN CENTIMETRE Worm Is Pulled From A Little Girl's Nose

A Vietnamese doctor made this shocking discovery when examining the inside of this little girl's nose. Despite how painful the procedure was likely to be, this little girl handled it like a champ!

After experiencign pain and discomfort in her nasal region, this brave little girl from Phin Ngan in Vietnam alerted her parents and what they discovered was nothing short of shocking.

Following this, she and her parents paid a visit to the doctor who attempted to investigate using small forceps. The girl remained calm as the doctor held her head in one hand and what looked like a device used to look into the nasal cavity in the other. The doctor then inserted the thin tweezers and extracted something which seemed to be very much alive.

According to The Mirror, doctors believe the creature lodged itself in the girl's nose while she drank water from a stream. The creature was probably much smaller when she inhaled it and then grew in size while it was trapped in her nasal cavity.

Check out the video to find out what had lodged itself inside!

Source: The Mirror

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