You Can Now Get A Degree… In Drinking Beer!

If you have a blank space on your CV, why not try getting a degree in drinking beer! We don’t guarantee it will work in a job interview, but at least it sounds cool…

No need to revise, go to the university library or drink too much coffee… You can get this degree so easily. Well, that is if you have a big belly. In Germany, you can now get a ‘degree in beer’ if you can drink ten beers in five hours in ten different bars.

Daniel Klusman is the genius behind this idea from across the Rhine. The computer consultant in his thirties, had the idea when he was studying in Finland.

‘It’s very well-known and popular in Finland. When I was at one of these events, there was about 4,000 people taking part and everyone was wearing the same thing: a jumpsuit. The different colours corresponded to what they were studying. For example, red was for sports students – I was very impressed,’ said Daniel.

To get this degree, you have to pay 5 euros to join and you can drink one glass for 2.50 euros minimum. One glass in a bar gets a stamp, when you have 10… congrats! You have a beer degree.

Are you even more ambitious? You’ll need to drink six beers, six shots in 12 different bars, and you’ll get your Doctorate, and can start being called a doctor… of beer!

Please drink responsibly

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