You Can Now Buy Spicy Tomato Flavoured Beer And It Actually Sounds Delicious

One could easily make a vegetable soup with those ingredients! In the North of France, the Cateau-Cambrésis Abbey’s brewery has come up with yet another innovation with this new beer full of sunshine and vegetables!

We found the perfect solution for getting your five a day - just drink the sour beer brewed at Cateau-Cambrésis' Abbey in France - which is made of tomatoes, basil, peppers and spices.

The head of the Cateau abbey, Laurent Huens, explains ‘It is a Sour Ale beer, which is normally acidic because of the lactic ferments. We have added our own original fragrances to soften it.’

For this novel creation, the brewery favoured local suppliers. ‘It is a desire on our part. We want to bring a plant side to beer. In our case, these are not really the flavours that we are used to seeing together'.

The Abbey’s brewery had already made the news when it launched a range of beer flavoured with strawberry and rhubarb...

So, are you up for a pint?

You Can Now Buy A Beer Made From One Bizarre Ingredient You Can Now Buy A Beer Made From One Bizarre Ingredient