This Russian Fisherman Has Found Horrifying ‘Alien’ Creatures in the Depths of the Sea

Roman Fedortsov is a Russian fisherman who never imagined he would find what he did in the ocean. They are known as 'demons from hell.'

Roman, a 39-year-old Russian man, is not a typical fisherman who pulls out his fishing rod day after day, or who simply works on a trawler.

This Russian man is a specialist in marine life at the University of Murmansk; he had previously studied at the Murmansk Marine Biology Institute. They usually fish on different coasts, but mostly on the Kola river, whose average temperature is16º below zero. Perfect to fish for unique specimens.

Roman has a passion: he loves to photograph extraordinary sea creatures and show the world all the secrets hidden deep inside the ocean. He compares the ocean to outer space, since we know just as little about the ocean as we do about space. Which makes his comparison of the fish he finds to 'aliens' all the more fitting.

This fearless fisherman shares his shocking imagesof fish with protruding teeth or wild eyes on Twitter and Instagram... And his followers are always amazed by his finds. Among these finds?A human-sized moon fish, wolf fish, spookyfish, just to name a few...

In the video, we'll show you the strangest fish, which according to Roman are like 'aliens.' Warning: a lot of followers were fascinated, but also horrified. See for yourself in the video above!

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