This Monstrous Alligator Has Been Stalking A Florida Golf Course Yet Again

Two years ago, a huge alligator made an appearance on a golf course in Florida. To the surprise of his visitors, he just made another appearance last week.

You probably remember the appearance of this giant alligator on a golf course in Florida. Straight out of Jurassic Park, the five-meter-long animal roamed quietly among the golfers, but he didn't attack them.

Well, Chubbs, the alligator's nickname, just made a remarkable appearance - almost two years after the previous media release that made him famous. And it's exactly the same place he was seen: at the Buffalo Creek Golf Course in Florida.

Frequent appearances in Florida

American alligators are common animals in Florida, where they can find streams, lakes and swamps that are ideal for hunting. They're very numerous in the southern states of America, feeding on fish and snakes, as well as small animals and turtles.

This specimen is, in any case, particularly large, as it almost reaches the maximum size ever observed for an American alligator. Animals of this species can reach up to five meters and weigh up to 500 kilos.

An alligator who doesn't want to do the golfers any harm

Sage Stryczny was playing golf with his father when Chubbs made his appearance, walking quietly on the grass before lying down to take a nap.

'My first reaction was to say 'Whoa, there's a monstrous alligator on the green,'' said the young golfer to Once the terror had faded, the golfers present soon realized that the reptile did not want to do them any harm, and they quietly continued to play.

'He was moving forward and then stopped. My father had never seen anything like it playing golf before,' continued Stryczny. Chubbs is a regular at this golf course, where he appears often. The owners don't want to make him leave, since he attracts curious locals and tourists, tempted by the wonder of seeing an impressive alligator while playing golf.

Alligators are usually pretty wild animals and don't attack humans for no reason. Unless he feels threatened or attacked, Chubbs shouldn't be tempted to attack local golfers. 'We don't get bored and we don't bother him,' said a golf employee.

A huge alligator in the middle of a golf course has been causing quite a stir A huge alligator in the middle of a golf course has been causing quite a stir