This girl saved a shark’s life by grabbing it with her bare hands

This young woman found a shark trapped in a rock pool and decided to grab it with her bare hands so she could release it into deeper waters. Don’t miss the footage above!

We’re more used to seeing people free other animals such as snakes, insects, and birds with their bare hands… but not sharks.

That’s what this very brave and courageous young girl did. She decided to do all she could to help this baby shark that had gotten itself trapped in a little rock pool and couldn’t get back to deeper waters.

The shark had gotten itself stranded in a rocky area near Block Island beach in the United States, according to the website UPI.

The footage of this unusual scene was recorded by the 15-year-old girl’s father, Erich Twachtman, who filmed his daughter, Ali, while she fearlessly and with her own hands, saved the animal by helping it get back to deeper waters since the shark had been attracted to the coast by the waves.

Erich wrote on his Twitter account where he uploaded the footage:

Kudos to my daughter who found a shark that got washed up on shore today and the surf was pounding it into the rocks. She got it and set it free.
Man caught on camera wrestling shark with his bare hands Man caught on camera wrestling shark with his bare hands