This Elephant Held Up A Bus For A Surprising Reason

This Elephant Held Up A Bus For A Surprising Reason

Passengers on board a bus in Sri Lanka were forced to interrupt their journey due to a rather large intruder: a greedy elephant which refused to let the bus continue onwards before receiving a ‘toll payment’ in the form of food. 

The elephant strategically positioned itself in the middle of the road, forcing the vehicle to slow down. It then approached the driver’s compartment to reach in with its powerful trunk, and rummaged through the food supplies on board the bus. In light of the intrusion, the passengers had no choice but to give him what he wanted, and the elephant finally succeeded in grabbing a whole bunch of bananas with its trunk. The driver then seized the opportunity to quickly start the engine and finally carry on with the journey.

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As in India, it is not rare to come across elephants in Sri Lanka. The wild animals can even be described as omnipresent, regularly coming into contact with humans. This contact poses risks for both human populations and the elephants alike. 

Check out the video above to see the surprising footage for yourself!

Abbie Marshall
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