New York Fishermen Receive Surprise Of A Lifetime After Shark Is Trapped On Their Boat

The animal really did not seem to be in a good mood.

Just off of Long Island in New York, a gigantic shark did not hesitate to invite himself onto a fishing boat right in front of the amused and astonished crew.

The animal was trapped by the guardrail located at the front of the boat with blood flowing from its mouth, unable to get back to the sea under his own power.

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Panicked, the shark struggles for several seconds before the crew finally finds a way to safely return the predator to its natural habitat.

But the arrival of this surprise guest will definitely have left its mark, given the worse-for-wear condition on the fishing boat.

Having a shark on your ship can be terrifying, luckily the crew weren't too shaken - and were even able to joke about it.

‘We’re going to need a bigger boat,’ the captain laughed following the incident. Even in the face of danger, he managed to get out a Jaws reference - truly a man of culture. Check out the video to see the entire event unfold!

Stacey Williams
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