This Chinese fish with a ‘human face’ has been terrifying web users (VIDEO)

An internet user in China posted a video where we can see what appears to be a fish… with a human face. Both creepy and mind-blowing at the same time.

This story takes place at a lake located near Kunming, a city in the south of China. And in this body of water, somebody found a fish that looks… just like a human. Yes, you read that right. This fish was recently caught on film and the video was then posted to social media.

The internet just went crazy about it and the post has been viewed and shared thousands of times since. As you can see in the video attached to this article, this fish really does have features that look like eyes, a nose and a mouth, which is just as surprising as it sounds.

Not the only case in China

But what is this fish exactly? Is it a fake? We, unfortunately, this mysterious marine creature wasn't really a cyptid but was actually identified as a carp, and what we saw was most likely a typical case of anthropomorphism, in other words, our disturbing tendency to see and associate even the vaguest human characteristics to things that move (particularly animals) or even things that don’t move (nature, trees, clouds…).

However, it’s worth mentioning that this isn’t the first time something like this has been spotted. In 2016, another fish with a human face, undoubtedly a carp, was caught in the middle of China and as a result, it became quite a popular tourist attraction.

And even more recently,another fish has been posted to Twitter after bearing some crazy human-like features, most notably lips and teeth. However shock over this ocean creature was quickly put to bed as it was found to be a triggerfish, a type of tropical fish that has a jaw full of teeth that look just like ours.

Speaking of fish, it’s worth noting that eating it can help make you less aggressive, according to a study that has been carried out. But you should be wary of fish sticks since they don’t always contain… fish.

This fish with a human face is terrifying the web This fish with a human face is terrifying the web