She Poses With a Dog for a Photo and Needs More Than 40 Stitches

When taking a selfie with a pet goes very, very wrong...

She Poses With a Dog for a Photo and Needs More Than 40 Stitches
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Lara, 17, was with her best friend and his dog when the photoshoot turned into a nightmare. As she tells the Argentinian website La Nacion, this young woman from Tucuman was clearly not expecting to be hurt.

"I don't know if it's because I touched his hip and he's old and he reacted that way, or if it's because I hugged him and intimidated him," she says, and continued by stating the animal is usually very calm.

Horrifying wounds

On Twitter, Lara posted the photos of the unfortunate incident, getting more than 355,000 reactions. It has to be said that her injuries, which required more than 40 stitches were quite impressive.

Fortunately for Lara, she can really handle plain...

"I didn't feel any pain at the time of the bite, or after the operation either. All I felt was discomfort due to the inflammation and some trouble with eating food," the young woman explained to the Argentinean newspaper.

However, according to a veterinarian also interviewed by La Nacion, if this dog had bitten her, "there is a reason". The animal's reaction would, according to the vet, be have been a way of defending itself.