Man's girlish scream scares off car looting bear

One curious bear was attempting to search a car in hopes of some food giving the car owners quite a shock. Luckily one of them took initiative and screamed like a banshee to repel the creature.

A video of the incident was uploaded to TikTok where Jose Luis Ramos Jr. and a bunch of friends appeared to try to scare off a bear that was attempting to break into their car.

The friends had come to Asheville, North Carolina in hopes of a relaxing cabin weekend. However, as they were unloading their belongings a bearwas lurking in the background waiting for his opportunity to scour for treats.

By the time Ramos Jr. and his realised what was going on thebeast had already managed to make its way through one of the carsand his next target was a shiny silver Mercedes.

Facebook/Jose Luis Ramos Jr.

The friends filmed the video from what looked like a hill a safe distance away, and as thebear gets closer to the car one of them can be heard saying:

Are you sure you locked the door?

But no, no they did not and thebear was granted easy access to destroy a rather expensive car. The friends can all be heard screaming in shock as the creature opens the door. That's when Ramos Jr. had an unusual idea, he would try to intimidate the bear to scare it away.

The primal, yet somehow girlish scream seemed to do the trick and the startled bear slowly backed off, saving both the car and the friends. Ramos Jr. stated:

That was the only thing I remember from the Boy Scouts, the bear was more scared than I was. It’s definitely going to be hard to top that memory.
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