Loyal pitbull saved it's owners life not once but twice!

Shauna Darcy got a service dog in order to help with her anxiety problems. What she didn’t expect was for her dog to save her life repeatedly.

Dogs really can be lifesavers. While she was being trained to be a service dog, thisPitbull, Ruby, realised that her owner wasn’t well. But it wasn’t because of her anxiety problems, but as it turns out, was actually due to a change in her heart rate.

Shauna had a heart problem

The dog was restless and behaving rather strangely. Because she was worried, Shauna went to the doctor and it turns out her dog was right. Shauna was in fact suffering from Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.

Since the incident, Ruby isn’t just helping her ownerwith her normal day-to-day activities such as shopping or at home but is also receiving training that is specially tailored to Shauna’s condition so she can help with things such as chest compressions.

She needed to go to the hospital

One day, Ruby managed to tell her owner that something was wrong with her heart. Shauna hadn’t noticed anything herself, but she called an ambulance anyway as a precaution. When the ambulance arrived, the young woman wasn’t doing well and was almost unconscious.

If her dog hadn’t been there, the woman would have probably died. When she was taken to the hospital, Ruby was allowed to go with her and stayed with her unconscious owner the whole time. In fact, Ruby refused to leave her bedside for even a minute (check out the video above).

Ruby wouldn’t leave her side

Ruby was very popular in the hospital and lots of people came over to say hello to the heroic dog, but she also took great care not to stray too far from her owner. Shauna is now doing well and, as she told The Dodo:

I wouldn’t be alive without her.
A pitbull saved an elderly woman's life in the most incredible way A pitbull saved an elderly woman's life in the most incredible way