He Pulled This Creature Out Of The Water - Then Noticed Something Seriously Bizarre

This Australian fisherman did not expect to come across this hybrid marine creature - a perfect mix of shrimp and fish!

This Australian man wanted to fish in a secret place, 300 metres deep and he was not disappointed, because he came across a strange specimen: a hybrid prehistoric-looking creature! With its scales, its two spikes in the front and its globular eyes, this creature really surprised the fisherman!

Fortunately, experts have identified the species and it happens to be a Peristediidae, from the armored gurnard family. It can only be found at the bottom of tropical waters and its other particularity is that it has one foot, allowing it to literally run everywhere at the bottom of the ocean.

Check out the video above to see the bizarre creature for yourself...

He Found Something Seriously Bizarre Deep In The Sea He Found Something Seriously Bizarre Deep In The Sea