He Pulled In His Rod, But There Was Something Terrifying On The Other End

This fisherman, accompanied by his young son, went fishing on a kayak in Louisiana. They made a really scary catch...

Fishing is more known as a relaxing activity, but it can sometimes cause a cold sweat! These images were taken with a camera attached to a boat.

A bad meeting

On a kayak in the swamps of Lake Fausse Pointe in Louisiana, USA, this man with his little boy were in the process of reeling in their fishing lines. On one of the lines, he feels a good catch! At first he seems delighted, however, he struggles to raise the animal he's hooked... Until he realizes that it's actually an alligator!

The man had good reflexes

Frightened, the man quickly released the animal and tried to move as far away as possible... The little boy, who had stretched his hand into the water to try to help his dad, was totally frightened and immediately started crying! We can hear the father repeat himself in an unsteady voice: "It's a big one, it's a big one!" "It's a big one, it's a big one!" And when we actually see the images we can see that the animal really is huge.

Returning to fish in this lake probably won't be part of their activities any longer, knowing that there's an alligator prowling around... In any case, they clearly wouldn't want to return soon!

Check out the video above to see their terrifying catch for yourself!

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