Fisherman Left Astounded After Hauling Strange Three-Legged Creature Out Of The Atlantic Ocean

A man was fishing off of Coney Island, Brooklyn and hauled a shocking find. A bulbous three-legged creature that the fisherman just can't identify

The specimen seemed to have an octopus-like tentacle and gills for breathing. Puzzled, the fisherman posted a video of the creature on TikTok of it writhing around on the boat deck.

The video has since gotten over 1.4 million likes with viewers often making a comparison of the unknown thing to Dart from the Netflix Original, Stranger Things.

TikTok -@elite_bixx

One person, however, commented that it could be a Clearnose Skate a cartilaginous fish often found around the Atlantic and Gulf Coats.

Looks like a mystery solved, but you can still watch the video of the Skate above!

Why are there no three-legged animals? Why are there no three-legged animals?