A Great White Shark Died After Getting Stuck In A Cage That Divers Should Not Have Been Using

A great white shark charged four divers in a cage in Mexico during October. But unfortunately, the shark couldn’t remove his head from the bars, resulting in its death.

Can you imagine a shark charging towards you? Well, four divers experienced the utter agony and fear of a hungry great white shark breaking through the bars of their cage.

And now the company running the shark cage diving business is under scrutiny for not making their bars small enough to prevent a shark from sticking his head inside.

The great white spent 25 minutes suffering as it wasstuck between the bars of the cage. As it thrashed around, trying to release itself it started to bleed due to injuries it received trying to free itself.

Arturo Islas Allende, an environmentalist, criticized the company for not following cage-size regulations. He emphasizes that great white sharks are “protected under international laws.” They are a vulnerable mammal!

But Nautilus Dive Adventures, the cage providers, issued a statement on social media. They wrote: “There was an incident with a great white shark repeatedly charging one of our cages at Guadalupe Island in October towards the end of our 2019 season.”

They continued by saying that, “We were horrified, very sad, upset and worried for both the shark and our divers. We stage approximately 50,000 white shark dives every year and have been running these trips since 2003.”

Nautilus Dive Adventures claim that their “cages are in full compliance with all Mexican Regulations.” However, that didn’t stop them from taking immediate action!

They say that “our cages are being modified to do our best to prevent this from ever happening again.”

This Diver Narrowly Escaped With His Life After A Great White Shark Got Into His Protective Cage This Diver Narrowly Escaped With His Life After A Great White Shark Got Into His Protective Cage