This Female Diver Gets Up Close And Personal With A Whale Shark In Stunning Footage

You have to see it to believe it. Famous surfer and diver Ocean Ramsey has posted another amazing video. She can be seen alongside a gigantic and magnificent whale shark off the coast of the Philippines.

© Ocean Ramsey

Model, surfer, diver... She wears many hats and yet we are able to follow in Ocean Ramsey’s footsteps through the videos regularly posted by the environmentalist. With this footage featuring the rare beauty in the company of sharks, the young woman wants to remind everyone about her fight for their conservation. ‘All I'm trying to do is make the relationship between man and sharks easier,’ Ocean told Beach Brother.

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To prove that the two species can live together, she founded One Ocean Diving in Hawaii in the United States, an organisation that offers visitors a unique experience. After a short lesson, they can dive with sharks in the waters of the Pacific.

Choreography between a whale shark and a diver

This video allows us to travel to coasts other than Hawaiian ones, Ocean Ramsey filmed this one off the coast of the Philippines. Wearing only a black bikini, a mask to protect her eyes and flippers, she dives just a few feet deep in order to meet the largest living fish in the world.

The whale shark, whose larger specimens can measure over 65 feet long, is a species threatened by fishing, accidental capture, collisions with boats or ingestion of plastic debris. These peaceful marine animals who congregate in only a few places across the globe are also known to effectively use their buoyancy and movement angles in order to save energy.

In 2016, the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature) changed the classification of the whale shark from ‘vulnerable’ to ‘endangered.’ With this footage, Ocean Ramsey hopes to raise awareness about the protection of these majestic fish.

Divers rescue a whale shark that had been suffering for years Divers rescue a whale shark that had been suffering for years