Which European Countries Drink the Most?
Which European Countries Drink the Most?
Which European Countries Drink the Most?
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Which European Countries Drink the Most?

By Daniel Lane

Europeans apparently have quite the reputation for enjoying drink now and then. Ever wonder which country is known to be the booziest? Here is the answer!

There is nothing like adrinknow and then to relax and pass some time with family and friends (even if right now that's not really possible). And when it comes to indulging in a bevvy or two, Europe is no slouch! The proof is in this graphic published by Eurostat, the body responsible for statistical information at the EU level. The graphic revealed a ranking of countries according to their yearly alcohol expenditure.

A very localised ranking

In first place is Estonia, with 5.2% of the country's household budget spent on alcohol. Latvia is in second place with 4.9%, while Lithuania completed the top three with 4%. The Balkan countries are certainly well represented!

2020: a weird year for drinking

Whilealcoholconsumption figures in the UK have been slowly decreasing over the years, it seems that all of the social distancing we're doing may lead to an even greater impact on alcohol consumption. While some use alcohol as a way to mark the end of a day, thus providing them with some kind of structure, others are using the occasion as a cleanse and giving up the drink entirely.

Curious to see where the rest of the European countries find themselves on this list? Check out the video above to find out!

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