There Is A New Scandinavian Lifestyle Trend Which Involves Getting Drunk In Your Underwear

What if we told you that the Finnish came up with a philosophy behind the art of self-care and relaxation? The best part is that it involves stripping down to your pants, cracking a bottle of your favourite alcoholic beverage and sitting down to enjoy that beverage in the comfort of your own home.

It isn't the first time that our Scandinavian neighbours combined elements of culture, politics and philosophy to produce a concept that tries to pin-point the pinnacle of being healthy and enjoying life in a more fundamental way. It started with hygge - the Danish word denoting self-care as momentary enjoyment captured in the present. Then came lagom, a Swedish concept which throws balance and composure into what it means to enjoy life.

Meet our new lifestyle trend - kalsarikännit, a Finnish term literally meaning 'getting drunk alone in your underwear'. We finally have an anglicised word which captures this concept - pantsdrunk. Now, this one is all really in the title. This new concept coined by the Finnish has a similar aim to gather a certain philosophy about self-improvement and enjoyment. And according to this new philosophy, it's really just about staying at home for the night in your underwear and getting jolly drunk - something many of us are already familiar with.

Described as "the Finnish path to relaxation" by Finnish journalist, Miska Rantanen, pantsdrunk was designed as a concept to help relieve us from our daily life stresses by allowing ourselves to relax, loosen up and get comfortable in the company of the closest person to you - you. Whilst hygge and lagom might be a little harder to wrap our heads around, a couple of pantsdrunk nights is something we can easily incorporate into our lifestyles, no matter our schedule. I mean, hey, people - you don't even need your pants!

And with Finland continuously ranking in the top five happiest countries in the world, we could afford to learn a thing or two from them. So, what do you say? Wanna get pantsdrunk tonight?

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