The Mixer Mask: The New Invention That Allows You to Drink a Pint and Stay Protected

Beer lovers are in luck. Now that the new normal includes wearing a mask when out in social settings, a new invention has been created that is sure to revolutionise the beer game!

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only been tragic in terms of health and safety, but it has also caused several of our social and consumer habits to change as well.

Among other things, this includes going to bars and pubs, one of the population's favourite things to do with family and friends. As the lockdown continues to ease, the idea of what is ‘normal' in society will also continue to change and we expect establishments such as these to be opening soon, with proper hygiene and precautionary measures in place of course.

And once we get back in the pubs, what are you supposed to do then? You will obviously have to take your mask off if you want to eat or drink anything.

However, a video of an amazing new invention recently went viral online: a mask that you can fill with liquid and then drink without having to remove it.

Unnecessary Inventions

This new and hysterical ‘all in one’ invention in the world of safety and leisure was shared on Facebook by the American account Unnecessary Inventions and has been nicknamed ‘The Mixer Mask’.

You can see several comments from users on their Facebook page stating they need this rather peculiar object. The lockdown and being stuck at home all day with nothing to do has clearly got people’s creativity whirring!

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