Why More and More Young People Are Quitting Drinking
Why More and More Young People Are Quitting Drinking
Why More and More Young People Are Quitting Drinking
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More And More Young People Are Quitting Drinking

By Lola Bee

In recent years young people have tended to move towards a healthier lifestyle, which includes changes to their consumption of alcohol. What is the new trend? Teetotalism.

‘Healthy mind, healthy body’ seems to be the new motto of the younger generation. After giving up gluten, added sugars and dairy, it is alcohol’s turn to be banned from the daily lives of many young people; this is known as teetotalism. Why are they making this radical decision?

For some, it is simply a realisation that they do not like who they become when they drink and thus decide to stop. Others make this change after being on medication that prevents them from drinking, and they end up adopting this lifestyle once the drugs are finished. For others, and this is a slightly more serious case, they experienced ‘losing control,’ which then shocked them into realising that quitting drinking was a real necessity for their health.

Teetotalism is generally perceived by people in a very positive way, with the vast majority of those who choose this lifestyle being happy with their choice, with no wish to go back to drinking.

Dry January, a public health campaign urging people to stop drinking for a month is becoming increasingly popular all around the world, and for good reasons! It may be time for you to give your liver–and your wallet–a break!

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