Check Out This Professional Arm Wrestler's Insane Workout

There's a reason why Sarah Bäckman is an eight-time World Champion in arm wrestling.

You don't want to mess with her! Sarah Bäckman is a 27-year-old arm wrestling champion. The Swedish woman already has eight world championship titles, eight European championship titles, and 11 national titles to her name. A reputation that even earned her a spot in the WWE from 2012 to 2014, where she fought under the name of Shara.

Although we no longer see her in the ring, Sarah is still very much present in the world of wrestling and trains like a high-level athlete almost daily. Her workouts include 150 kg+ deadlifts, 104 kg on the bench press, rope climbing and, of course, pull-ups to strengthen her grip.

One of her videos was shared around the world. Many Internet users were shocked by the footage of Sarah training with a resistance band.

You should know that Sarah Bäckman is also notorious for taking on male opponents and very often beating them. She may not be as strong as Jeff Dabe or champion Devon Laratt, but we know a lot of fighters who wouldn't dare challenge her, and we can't blame them.

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