He paid £100 to see a leopard up close, and the animal attacked him

After paying £100 to play with a leopard in its cage, this man was violently attacked by the animal.

He paid £100 to see a leopard up close, and the animal attacked him
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A leopard is not just another pet cat... Dwight Turner, 50 years old, learned this the hard way and is now mutilated.

£100 to touch the leopard

As CNN reports, the story dates back to last August in Florida. Dwight Turner contacted the owner of a black leopard, looking for a new thrill. He asked the owner to have a close encounter with the animal for the sum of £100.

But once in the cat's cage, the leopard did not sit still... According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) report, the animal growled before attacking the intruder.

Right ear torn in two

The leopard bit Dwight Turner on the head and ear, and he miraculously escaped alive but with serious injuries. According to the FWC:

Mrs Turner said she had to reattach part of Mr Turner's scalp as it was hanging off his head and his right ear was torn in two.

Although his life was not in danger, Mr Turner had to undergo two operations and may undergo more in the future. The animal's owner was charged with keeping a wild animal in captivity in unsafe conditions and allowing contact with this very dangerous animal for money. As for Dwight Turner, unfortunately, he has only himself to blame…