You Can Now Get Paid To Watch Porn

Vice Industry Token will soon pay you to watch adult content on its platform. Pretty tempting, right?

The Vice Industry Token platform will revolutionize the porn industry. How? Its CEO, Stuart Duncan, explains: 'The commercial model with sponsored content is broken; people's attention is a precious and rare resource. The Vice Industry Token platform is revolutionizing the business model focused on advertising to capitalize on the new 'attention economy', enabling film publishers to actively engage viewers by rewarding them for their genuine attention and engagement with VITs.'

The "VIT" (the acronym for Vice Industry Token) is a cryptocurrency for paying spectators. 'As if you were paid to eat at McDonald's, for example,' GQ wrote. More specifically, watching the content, the viewer will win VITs that will be used to watch more X movies later. Initially, you will be able to enjoy the service for free, then, as you'll become addicted, you'll want to spend your VIT (or buy more) to access more content or to have less download time.

This system will be launched on the Vice Industry Token platform on February 15th. But it's already a big success. Indeed, you can already pre-order VIT! million of this unpublished cryptocurrency has already been reserved.

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