To Pay For This Taxi, All You Have To Do… Is Sing!

We all love to have a good singalong in the car - but we'd never have thought it could pay our taxi fare.

It’s just a little taxi ride, are you up for it? A green taxi will give you the ride for free, in exchange for a little sing-song – we bet karaoke fans will be pleased to hear about this!

The Voice: Taxi Version

During the Ruisrock festival, the Finnish company ‘Fortum’ decided to set up an electronic shuttle called Singalong. To settle up, all you have to do is sing loudly (and nicely, remember your neighbour’s ears!).

People who ride in this car can pick their choice of song via a tablet that’s connected to a stereo. Once they have chosen one, they have to fully belt it out for the whole journey. If they stop singing, then the car stops straight away! The concept is made a little more interesting by the ‘pleasure indicator’, which the company has put in place to rate the passenger’s enthusiasm, depending on the strength of their voice.

This concept is unfortunately no longer going, but who knows, in a few years we may see these electric cars on the road!

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