This Mysterious Object Just Washed Up On A South Carolina Beach And No One Knows What It Is

After washing up on a beach in South Carolina in the United States last week, this quite insulating piece of debris has stirred quite a lot of interest. A part of the international space station, weapon residue, maybe even a part of a flying saucer… Nothing is for sure, but theories that internet users are coming up with are quite creative.

Debris from a spaceship, a piece of ammunition or… a part that became detached from a flying saucer?! Since Thursday, specialists have made some good progress in the investigation. On the morning of 4th October, a strange object appeared on a beach in South Carolina in the United States.

‘I saw it this morning on my walk. I assume it was a buoy but could also be the remains of an alien spaceship,’ said an internet user after coming across this indescribable object on the coast of the Seabrook island, a small stretch of land located roughly forty kilometres south of Charleston.

A strange texture

At first glance, it looks like cement, but this ‘marine monster’ could actually be made from a completely different material, as Lowcountry Marine Mammal Network (LMMN), a local charity organisation dedicated to protecting marine life, explained, who posted photos of the strange object on their social media pages in hope that somebody could identify it.

‘There’s no metal on it. The whole thing is just layers of foam,’ explains Lauren Rust to The Post and Courier, a marine biologist at Lowcountry Marine Mammal Network. It is surprisingly light as well, weighing just 90 kilograms despite measuring 1.5 meters high.

Those responsible at the organisation have also found the speed with which the local authorities removed the mysterious object a little curious, and this has led to some very irrational hypotheses.

The most ridiculous theory from internet users definitely has to be that it is part of a spaceship… Could small green men have ran out of fuel and plunged into our ocean? As for now, we can’t be sure but the most probable theories however, are those involving human activity.

An old piece of debris from more than thirty years ago?

‘This could be part of the space shuttle Challenger’s External Tank,’ thinks another social media user, who wants NASA to get involved straight away. This opinion is shared by other internet users, who have agreed that it could be ‘part of the space shuttle Challenger that blew up about thirty years ago.’ According to this user, the object ‘looks like a rocket nozzle.’

This idea was also supported by an expert (almost) worthy of that of the greatest astronautical experts…

‘Notice the different insulating materials. Take a sample of the insulating material and try to burn it to see if it melts.’ An unstoppable testing technique if there ever was one!

But this theory isn’t exactly shared by all internet users. Some people have come up with theories that question the origin of the aerospace debris.

‘[If it is a part of the Challenger spaceship,] it would be covered in marine plants and animals.’ But this wasn’t the case. ‘[The object] is either newly introduced to the ocean or was buried deep prior to being dislodged.’

Is the US military in question?

Other social media users are leaning on the idea that it has a military origin, since the Atlantic Ocean was chosen by the US military to build numerous submerged ammunition depots. This explanation has also provoked a lot of further conspiracies… Another more irrational explanation has emerged that the object could be a boat’s mooring buoy. But then, which one? It is still to be determined if this theory is being taken seriously in the investigation that is currently underway.

Still, this discovery is giving us a lot of conspiracies to ponder!

To quote Dutronc in 1966, ‘They’re hiding everything from us, and telling us nothing!’

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