This Man Claims He’s From The Future - And He Has A Photo To Prove It

Alexander Smith claims he’s from the future and to prove it, he published a video on YouTube in which he explains the details and reveals a photo.

Sent back from the future on a secret mission by the CIA. This is Alexander Smith’s crazy story, or at least that’s what he claims. According to him, this strange looking man has travelled through time and claims to come from the year 2118. He claims to have been recruited by the CIA to carry out a top-secret mission.

‘The CIA are looking for me and I am living in hiding,’ he explains in his video.

He claims that the first time that he travelled through time successfully was in 1981 as part of a secret CIA mission. To prove his story, Alexander Smith brought back proof with him from the future.

‘I have something to show you today. This photo was taken in the year 2118. This picture was the city I walked in. I’ll never forget when I took that picture. It was right outside the city, before I had walked into it,’ he explains.

The photographer showed the huge, strange looking green buildings in a city that doesn’t look like any that exist today. Although Alexander Smith did wait before revealing this photo, there was a reason.

‘I didn’t know if the world was ready to see it.’ And if you believe what this mysterious man claims, incredible things are to happen by the middle of the century, including extraterrestrials visiting us.

Of course, we do have huge doubts about whether what this man says is true. All that’s left to do is wait and see!

Check out the video above to see Alexander's supposed photo evidence that he's from the future...

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