This Is The Real Reason Toilet Doors Never Reach The Floor

This Is The Real Reason Toilet Doors Never Reach The Floor

Have you ever wondered why doors in public toilets never reach all the way down to the floor? Don't worry, it's not meant to spy on others whilst they're doing their business! We have the answers...

You thought there was only one reason why the doors on public toilets are so short? Nope - there are five good reasons for making them so. Given that people spend up to 7 hours a year on the toilet, you should know this information:

1. In an emergency (if you have a heart attack or something similar) you can escape faster or your cries for help will be heard more clearly (because even the toilet itself can harm your health)

2. Abusing toilets (for example graffiti or sex on the toilet) is made much more difficult and the inhibition threshold increases when one feels observed.

3. The smaller doors are cheaper and easier to install than the classic large doors.

4. You can see more quickly if the toilet is occupied and can avoid long waiting times in front of a cabin that was actually free the whole time.

5. No toilet paper for far and wide? No problem! It's very easy to push toilet paper under the door or the cabin wall.

Well, could we convince you that short doors are really handy?

• Emma Jensen
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