This Guy Can Walk With His Feet Twisted All The Way Around In Mind-Boggling Stunt

Moses Lanham has a very unique talent - he believes he is the only person in the world who can turn his feet 180 degrees and walk on them.

Moses, aka Mr. Elastic, first discovered his strange gift at the age of 14, when he fell from a rope he was climbing in PE class. He landed with his feet in a very awkward position but rather than having dislocated his bones, Moses was able to stand back up absolutely fine.

Ever since then, he has been making the most of his unusual talent. He enjoyed walking backwards in high school and even putting his clothes on backwards to match his feet.

Moses even auditioned for America's Got Talent in 2009 - but was met with three resounding 'no's at the audition stage.

Nonetheless, Moses has still had success with the Guinness Book Of Records - he currently holds the record for the fastest 20 metre walk whilst facing backwards.

According to doctors, Moses was born with extra tissue and cartilage in his joints which makes his hips, knees and ankles especially bendy.

It seems that it's somewhat genetic too - Moses' son is also able to turn his feet around, although he can't do the full 180 and unlike Moses he feels some discomfort when he does it.

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