This Chinese Weather Girl Hasn't Aged In 22 Years

A weather reporter for twenty-two years in China, Yang Dan, now 44, seems to have never aged. But what's her secret?

This Chinese Weather Girl Hasn't Aged In 22 Years
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Yang Dan, who has been presenting the weather on the Chinese television channel China Central Television since 1996, is a source of surprise for Internet users around the world.

Why? A video going around the net. In this one, we can see images of Miss Meteo from 1996 to 2018.

Between these two dates, one has the impression that she didn't take up a single wrinkle - she always seems so young! Yang Dan started working on television at 22, she' now 44.

This video was published on the Weibo social network on International Women's Day. The reactions regarding this subject have been numerous.

One visitor is surprised: "She looks younger and younger" while another wonders with a joking tone: "Did she record all these weather reports in one day?" For the moment, the main party didn't answer and hasn't revealed her secret. No doubt that Internet users will still investigate this!