Teacher Forcibly Cuts Students' Hair Whilst Singing National Anthem In Unsettling Footage

A teacher has been arrested following bizarre footage of her cutting a student's hair whilst shouting the American national anthem...

Margaret Giezinger, 52 has been arrested on suspicion of child endangerment after unsettling footage has been posted by one of her students at University Preparatory High School in Visalia, California, showing how she forcibly proceeds to cut a student's hair whilst singing the official national anthem.

The teacher, who has been described as a "loving and kind lady" by her students, can be seen forcing a student to sit at the front of the class before she chops chunks of his hair, throwing them to the ground. She can be heard saying "this is how we do it" as she eventually begins to chant The Star-Spangled Banner. As the rest of the class gasp in shock, the boy attempts to leave but the teacher ensures he stays on the chair. Once he gets away, Ms. Giezinger attempts to force another to volunteer, proceeding to grab a girl's hair whilst waving a pair of scissors in her hands. All the students eventually make their way out of class in panic, seemingly shaken by the experience.

Following her absurd stunt, Ms. Giezinger has been arrested under suspicion of felony child endangerment. Despite disturbing footage, some students claimed Giezinger's behaviour was out of character, highlighting how this is "not the Miss G. [they] know and love". However, students were reportedly left shocked and alarmed and her actions have nevertheless been deemed "inexcusable".

Tulare County Office of Education, whom oversee the school, released a statement confirming that students affected by the incident will be provided support by the mental health support programme in place. Ms. Giezinger will not be returning to the school and a substitute teacher will take over instead.

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