Protestor At London Festival Eats A Raw Squirrel To Get A Rise Out Of Vegans

The man, who goes by the Youtube handle Sv3rige, wore a black top that read 'veganism = malnutrition'. That wasn't the craziest statement he made.

He's become known as a regular at vegan rallies, often trying to get a rise out of other attendees (why?). Everyone's got a passion right?

In addition to this most recent 'performance', he was also spotted last week walking around a Brighton vegan festival eating a pig's head. Granted a pig's head is a little more conventional, but still.

He didin't entirely get away with it - footage of the scene shows the man getting handcuffed and taken away by police shortly after. When questioned later on by Sky News, Sv3rige said: "We did it - it was eight of us - because veganism is malnutrition and you can't get over 15 nutrients from plants and some of us are ex-vegans who got sick because of it."

Totally sound reasoning.

Check out the video to see footage from the scene (if you're into that sort of thing)!

A squirrel gets drunk after eating a fermented pear (VIDEO) A squirrel gets drunk after eating a fermented pear (VIDEO)