People Are Freaking Out About This 'Figure' In The Flames Of Notre Dame

After the tragic fire which destroyed much of Paris' historic Notre Dame Cathedral on Monday, one woman claims to have seen something unbelievable in the flames - and she's not the only one...
People Are Freaking Out About This 'Figure' In The Flames Of Notre Dame
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Paris, France and the rest of the world have been left devastated by the fire which destroyed much of Notre Dame Cathedral on Monday 15th April. The fire is believed to have broken out accidentally, although the exact cause of the blaze is still not clear.

Whilst the cathedral's historic spire was lost, Parisian firefighters have been praised for their quick action, which meant that much of the building and the treasures within were able to be saved. Meanwhile, £692 million has already been raised - largely by companies and billionaire donors - to restore the famous building. French president Emmanuel Macron has vowed to rebuild the cathedral within 5 years.

Truly a 21st-century tragedy, the world watched on in horror as images and footage of the blaze were shared online by thousands of people present in Paris on Monday - and it's within one of these images that a woman believes she has seen something miraculous - Jesus himself standing amongst the flames.

Lesley Rowan took to Facebook to share the image with her friends - who quickly confirmed that they too were shocked by the 'clear' and 'vivid' image they saw.

Check out the video above to see the spooky image for yourself...