Discover The World's First Festival Dedicated Entirely To Male Genitalia

Every year, the first weekend of the month of April, the “iron penis festival” takes place in the town of Kawasaki, Japan.

Are you looking for an unusual holiday? Well look no further than Kawasaki, Japan, where the Kanamara Matsuri takes place every first Sunday of April, a fertility festival showcasing the phallus in all its forms. One is wooden, one is iron, and one is pink!

Processions take place in the town streets where locals wear huge penises. They can be found as statues, sweets, candles, in the form of decoration or even sculpted into vegetables!

All the penises which are paraded throughout the day normally end up in the Kanayama temple, which was previously frequented by prostitutes who prayed so that they wouldn’t get ill. Today, it’s a tradition that can only be beneficial: bright futures, a successful marriage, or prosperity. For several years, this pilgrimage, which unites around 20,000 a year, has also been an opportunity to collect money to fight against AIDS.

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