25 Creepy Everyday Objects You'll Wish You Never Saw Through A Microscope

Microscopes allow you to get a whole new perspective of the world around us, by revealing details and even entire organisms that are invisible to the naked eye. Although we normally get fantastic images from using this apparatus, it can sometimes lead to some scary ones too. This collection of 25 things observed through a microscope is proof enough of this!

To the naked eye, they look harmless. But place them under a microscope and they look almost… like they’ve come straight out of a nightmare! Do you know what a louse looks like from (very very) close up? Or even the surface of a juicy strawberry? Have you even seen one of your nails through a microscope?

The electronic microscope is the ideal instrument to change your perspective of things. Images taken from this apparatus provide a unique point of view in high resolution of the infinitely small. And so, what’s more natural than exploring the elements that surround and make us up on a microscopic scale?

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Scientists were having fun putting different day to day objects under the microscope and here are 20 things that you probably wouldn’t want to see up close.

Anna Wilkins
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