Woman strikes X-Rated pose for Google Maps Street View

She was caught on the search engine's map lifting her top up and exposing her breasts.

A woman was captured on a Google Maps Street view pulling an X-rated pose. A reader contacted Liverpool Echo after spotting the image on the street view in the Dingle area of Merseyside.


In the image which has now gone viral, three women can be seen pointing towards the woman as she lifted her blouse to expose her breasts.

From the image, it looked like the ladies had planned to do this because just before the image was captured, the three women standing outside the fence seemed to be timing the car to go by at the right moment.

Two of the women were talking to the woman who flashed the Google Maps car as it drove down the street.

From another angle, probably captured after the flashing incident, the three women standing outside the fence were talking among themselves.

The three women outside the fence appear to be talking to the lady who flashed her breasts at the camera. Google Maps/Liverpool Echo

Street View

A team from Google regularly updates its street view images using cars fitted with mounted cameras that make it possible for 360 degree pictures to be taken and uploaded onto Google Maps.

The cameras take several photos while capturing GPS data to match each photograph to its location.

Pictures from each camera overlap and through the use of a special software, they are ‘stitched’ together to form a map.

The car also has three lasers which reflect off buildings and other objects and help Google to create 3D models for their maps.

Google Maps Street View has captured plenty of weird sights over the years.

Weird Supernatural Being Caught On Camera By Google Maps Weird Supernatural Being Caught On Camera By Google Maps