Woman mistakenly swallows AirPods instead of painkiller

The woman claims that a voice memo she sent a friend was recorded by the device in her stomach.

A woman on TikTok has been sharing how she accidentally swallowed one of her AirPods in place of a painkiller. In a video posted on the platform, the woman Boston-based woman said she was sharing her story to warn others.

Educational Purposes

The woman, whose TikTok name is @iamcarliiib, told her followers she had a tablet of ibuprofen in one and one of the AirPods in the other.

I was crawling into bed. I had Ibuprofen 800 in my right hand and I had my left AirPod in my left hand. I like threw something back, took my water bottle and took a sip... then realized it wasn't the Ibuprofen. I tried puking it up and it won't come out.

According to her, she was able to excrete the device from her system, but not before having an x-ray taken to confirm it. She did add that she will not be using that particular AirPods again.

In separate video on TikTok, @iamcarliiib said at the time of ingesting the device, it was connected to her iPhone because she was on a call.

Interestingly, she claimed that a voice memo she sent a friend included gurgling sounds recorded in her stomach.

Not the First Time

The story was first published on appleinsider.com, where users could not help but share their amusement over the story. One reader wrote:

Damn you Apple! Damn you Tim Cook! Where do I sign up for the class action lawsuit??!

This reader had a more empathetic reaction. Did they though?

Accidents happen. I shouldn't be laughing but I can see how it can happen. 800mg Ibuprofen is pretty large but considering how slick the AirPod is, it can easily slip through.

Apparently, this is not the first time the apple product has found its way into the human body. A man from Massachussetts swallowed one in his sleep, and a seven-year-one had to be taken to the emergency room after ingesting one.

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