Woman finds mysterious egg that’s got the internet racking its brain

A woman discovered the strange looking ‘egg’ in her son’s wardrobe and posted the picture to social media where many users tried to uncover the mystery.

Who doesn’t enjoy the occasional mystery especially when it involves an ‘egg’? A young mother served many internet users a good brain itch when a picture of a strange-looking egg she found in her home was posted to social media.

The woman, Amy, told Daily Star she discovered the ‘egg’ in her son’s wardrobe.

According to her, the family had only just moved into the home so they didn’t know if it had been there all along.


A friend of hers posted the picture on the Family Lowdown Tips & Ideas page, and said:

This is inside my friend's son's wardrobe. They don't know if it's always been there and they've never seen it or if it's just appeared. They've not long moved. Anyone any ideas what it is? And what should they do?

Soon after, internet users started espousing various theories ranging from horrifying to plain bizarre.

Some suggested the ‘egg’ could be home to spiders while others posited more outlandish ideas along the lines of it being a dinosaur egg.

One user wrote: 'If this was a billion years ago, I'd say we have a dinosaur egg on our hands' Photo by Mehmet Turgut Kirkgoz on Unsplash

One user wrote:

My other half was in pest control and he believes it's a spiders' egg nest. You can (vacuum) it up and then put a load of raid (to kill spiders) in the hoover. If it is a spiders' nest then there will be thousands in there.

A second encouraged Amy and her family to ‘poke and see what happens’. One particular user went into full panic mode and warned her not to touch it at all.

Oh hell no. I'd not be touching that full stop. Call Ghostbusters immediately!

The twist

After all the hullabaloo, it turned out it was anything but an egg.

An investigation by Amy's father-in-law revealed that the egg-shaped substance was simply 'expanding foam' from the roof of the house, despite fears it was a swarm of insects.

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