Woman finds a lizard's head in a jar of sauce from Lidl

Last May a young woman found a lizard's head in her sauce bought at Lidl.

Lidl has been showing up in the news quite a bit as of late, most recently for their new line of clothing that they've launched in some European countries. This time however, Lidl made a name for itself in a completely different way.

Polly Wheaton, a young woman living in Sussex, made a discovery that was disgusting, to say the least. She bought a bottle of vegan bolognese sauce from Lidl, but what she ended up finding inside was far from being vegan.

A lizard's head in the sauce

She found a lizard's headin the jar, which then prompted her to speak out about it on Twitter. She also told The Mirror:

I think this product should at least have been recalled. The fact that we found an exotic animal in our food in the midst of a global pandemic is shocking. But all I got was a courtesy call from Lidl to apologise.

The mother continued:

I've had to chase after them constantly for the last six weeks and all they told me was that their complaints team was still investigating.

When contacted by The Mirror, Lidl explained:

We were very sorry to hear about this case and we would like to apologise for any distress it may have caused.
Couple disgusted to find dead lizard in takeaway curry Couple disgusted to find dead lizard in takeaway curry