Woman Describes Her Horror After Finding a Disgusting Surprise in Her Big Mac

After making her way to a McDonalds restaurant in the South Island of New Zealand, this unlucky customer had an absolutely horrifying experience. After taking a bite into her Big Mac, she encountered pure horror when she realised here was a lot more than just the burger and salad between the buns.

As a self-professed healthy eater, New Zealander Annah Sophia Stevenson recently revealed a very good reason why we should ALL stay away from fast-food chains. After ordering one of McDonald’s staple meals, the Big Mac, it’s fair to say her experience was far from ordinary.

‘I thought it was a piece of fat’

We’ve all done it; you pull into the drive-thru after a long day to pick yourself up a cheeky hamburger. This is exactly what Annah Sophia Stevenson was thinking too. Halfway through eating her mouth-watering burger, she realised that she was chewing on something very strange, the 26-year-old described:

I bit into the burger and after working on a piece for 3-4 seconds decided it wasn’t the texture I was hoping for.

After taking a closer look at the burger, she realised with amazement that it wasn’t the meat that she was eating and was instead… a cockroach!

An investigation was opened

After making this appalling discovery, the New Zealander didn’t bother taking the hamburger back but instead decided to publish the photo of her discovery on social media. After finally being made aware of the story, the fast-food chain opened an independent investigation to find out how this foreign object could have ended up in her sandwich.

After local hygiene services made a visit to the restaurant in question, they said that they found no trace of cockroaches. In its defence, the fast-food chain also indicated that it should be taken into account that the hamburger wasn’t eaten in the restaurant. Instead, it had been ordered at the drive-thru and then taken to the customer’s home in the car. This would have increased the number of possible scenarios that could have taken place.

We finally know what's in the famous McDonald’s Big Mac! You’re in for a surprise! We finally know what's in the famous McDonald’s Big Mac! You’re in for a surprise!