Wine was flowing from the taps in an Italian village

It is believed that Jesus could turn water into wine. It looks like villagers in Italy finally saw this miracle come true! A small Italian village made headlines on 4 March 2020. This time, it had nothing to do with the coronavirus outbreak. On the contrary, the news was actually a dream come true for a lot of people.

Italian newspaper La Repubblica reported that the inhabitants of the village came across a red, foamy liquid when they turned on their taps.

A red, foamy liquid in Settecani's pipes

Instead of water, wine was flowing from the kitchen sink and the bathtub out of every tap in town. The villagers were quick to share this strange phenomenon on social networks. The videos were then shared thousands of times around the world. Some were already beginning to talk of a miracle when the mystery surrounding this extraordinary phenomenon was finally explained.

A sparkling wine leak responsible for the 'miracle'

No miracle, but a leak from an agricultural cooperative. A Telegraph correspondent in Rome explained the case:

The cooperative is connected to the public water network. Due to a valve failure during maintenance, instead of water being sent to the factory, wine was flowing in the other direction.

The small company produces a premium quality sparkling red wine, called Lambrusco. This typical wine from northern Italy has a sweet,almost cherry-like flavour. It is also available as a white or rosé wine. One can imagine that the villagers did not hesitate to taste a few glasses of it, starting with the journalist from the local gazette, the Gazetta di Mondena. He wrote:

It's the dream of all of us who love Lambrusco: wine straight from the tap.

And they did well to take advantage of it, since the local authorities assured them that they would be in no danger!

To check out the photos, watch the video at the top of the article.

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