‘Why lock down when there’s no money?’ Disappointed burglar leaves angry note

The thief used the official’s notepad and pen to leave the note after an unsuccessful operation.

No one enjoys having their time wasted, and this burglar made that pretty clear when they found hardly anything worth stealing from a government official’s home.

They left an angry note to register their disappointment.


Police in Madhya Pradesh are investigating a burglary which took place in the Dewas district, in which a thief broke into the house of a newly-appointed sub-divisional magistrate (SDM) in the town of Khategaon.

The thief made away with 30,000 Rupees (£292) and some jewellery. However, the robber was not pleased with their find, so they left a note asking why the house was locked if there was no money in it.

A copy of the note surfaced on social media in which the burglar wrote

Jab paise nahi they toh lock nahi karna tha collector (when there was no money, it should not have been locked, collector).

Wrong Target

The SDM, Trilochan Singh Gaur, found out about the burglary when he returned to his official residence on Saturday after being away for more than two weeks.

He found the note left behind by the unexpected visitor, written on his (Gaur’s) notepad with his own pen.

This area of the town is reputed for housing top police and government officials.

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