UFO Hunters Make Claims of a 'Rainbow Alien Aircraft' Over Lake Michigan

UFO enthusiasts have been happy to share what they believe was a 'rainbow alien craft' that was hovering over Lake Michigan earlier this week.

A video has recently been uploaded to Youtube showing a small colourful light hovering weirdly over Lake Michigan. Scott Waring of etdatabase.com has dissected the unedited video on his platform and has come to the conclusion that the rainbow UFO must be an alien aircraft. Scott stated:

This rainbow coloured UFO was seen over Michigan this week. The eyewitness was kind enough to keep the video original for us. When he zooms in on the object, I can see a hexagonal-shaped disk with a powerful glow emanating from its centre.
Youtube/Nate H

Then, Waring makes a bizarre claim that the colours were emitted on purpose to create a reassuring vibe for onlookers. He continued:

The colours could be deliberate to get the attention of the human eyewitnesses and put them at ease. What I mean is, some colours are less frightening than others and it’s showing a lot of purple and violet, which are considered [more] soothing.

Then, Waring declared that our neighbours from out of space just wanted to make a good impression:

Clearly the aliens wanted to be seen and wanted to make a good first impression on the humans watching.

The UFO expert also dished that he believed the UFO may have actually come from an alien base below Lake Michigan as the dense area has often been a sight for mysterious alien encounters.

Waring also provided a statement from the original eyewitness who was quoted saying "I stepped out on deck just past midnight on August 13 and looked up at stars and spotted this one odd flickering saucer elliptical-shaped object in sky in the west."

He continued to state that "it stayed in that area. Was not a plane, jet or helicopter. Rapidly-changing bright multiple colours were emitting from it. It didn't make any sounds, that I could hear anyway. After a couple of minutes, I finally was able to zoom in enough to see the object better."

However, science claims that even if the object was not a plane or a weather balloon it would most likely have been pareidolia. A phenomenon of recognising patterns and object amongst random objects and settings. NASA claims:

Pareidolia is the psychological phenomenon where people see recognisable shapes in clouds, rock formations, or otherwise unrelated objects or data. There are many examples of this phenomenon on Earth and in space.

Sometimes our brains make massive leaps to make sense of the unknown.

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