Uber driver shares video of girl caught red-handed stealing in his car

This really is the epitome of being caught in the act. A woman stole a handful of money belonging to her Uber driver. Little did she know, he caught the whole thing on film…

Uber Driver Shares Video of Girl Caught Red-Handed Stealing in His Car
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This Uber driver has good reason to be furious. While driving three people, including two women in New York, he realised that his tip had been stolen.

The culprit is none other than a young woman who was sat in the middle back seat. Just before the driver dropped her off, she plunged her hand into the man's tip container and stole everything!

You can see right after she exits the car that the Uber driver immediately notices his hard earned money had gone missing and proceeds to honk in an attempt to stop her in her tracks. The driver complained to the Uber company, who said thatthere was nothing they could do, except for disabling the young woman’s Uber account. If he wants justice, the driver will have to complain to the police.

Make sure to watch her getting caught in the act in the video above!