Two skydivers survived a deadly descent after a parachute malfunction

Two tandem skydivers survived a life threatening incident in Titusville, Florida after their parachute refused to open on descent.

Skydiving may on everyone's bucket list but falling out of a plane does come with some obvious risks. While the extreme sport may sound fun there will always be a little nagging worry in the back of your head... 'what if the parachute doesn't work?'

That's exactly what happened to these two men in Florida. On the 13th of May two skydivers, an instructor and a student decided to make a tandem divefrom over 10,000 ft, a dive which quickly went very wrong.

Locals caught on video the pair free-falling to the ground, as their parachutes tangled together, clearly open but definitely not working. One witness, Joshua Graham told WESH:

We thought at first it was a stunt. But when they started coming toward the ground we could tell that something wasn’t right because of how fast they were going.

Another witness, who had caught the freak accident on camera stated toCNN:

They were flipping in circles going upside down, side to side for about 20 to 30 seconds. He then deployed his second chute and it caused them to spin, but they were no longer flipping. They made it, as that’s the most important thing.

The skydiving duo crash-landed into one local's front yard where a tree luckily broke their fall. The pair undoubtedly suffered some trauma but otherwise survived the fall. The Titusville Fire Department even released some photos of the destroyed yard that the skydivers landed in:

At approximately 10:28 this morning TFD with Brevard County Fire Rescue was dispatched for a report of 2 skydivers down...

Posted by Titusville Fire Department on Wednesday, May 13, 2020
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