Two couples agree to swap spouses after cheating on each other

They traded children as well as the women took them along into their new homes.

Two middle-aged couples from Busia County in Western Kenya have mutually agreed to trade spouses to settle a cheating dispute. The wives of Josh Odour and Sakis threatened making their secret affair public, forcing the couples to find a lasting solution, which involved trading their children as well.

Unconventional Solution

It all started when Odour heard rumours about his wife’s secret affair with Sakis. Refusing to believe the gossip, he was shocked to find her at Saki’s house doing the dishes. Upon confrontation, she informed him she intended marrying the other man.

I went to the Boda Boda rider’s (Motorcycle Taxi) home and found my wife washing utensils among other house chores. I asked her what she was doing there and she told me she had chosen to get married to the Boda Boda guy.

To retaliate, Odour decided to track down the other man’s estranged wife and courted her. They made the relationship official by informing authorities about it. Odour said:

I chose to trace the former wife of the Boda Boda rider and seduced her. We then agreed to marry and we even went to the police to inform them of our decision.

Children Swap

Their children were included in the trade-off as well, since they remained with their respective mothers. However, Odour intends increasing the size of his new family to match what he used to have. He said:

My new wife is on a 3-month family planning method. It is almost expiring and I am going to make sure she becomes pregnant immediately thereafter. The one who took my former wife will have to wait longer because she is on a 5-year family planning method.

Sakis on the other hand cannot be bothered about the number of kids they have. All he cares about is that he doesn’t have to hide his new wife any more.

Whatever has happened, has happened. I now have a new wife.

This is not the first time this is happening in the Busia community. In August 2019, two Kenyan women agreed to swap their husbands and signed a deal to each live with their biological children in their new marriages.

The couples signed a joint parenting agreement that was witnessed by the Busia County Commissioner and Children Services Director.

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