Thunderstorm: This family was struck by lightning three times

On June 25, a storm chaser captured stunning images of a car being struck by lightning three times. On board, the family of three children and their parents were not injured.

A family struck by lightning several times escapes unscathed
© Carl Hobi
A family struck by lightning several times escapes unscathed

On 25 June this year, while driving on the freeway, Nathan Vanderhoof, his partner, Sarah, and their children were struck by lightning several times. This jaw-dropping moment was filmed by a storm chaser, Carl Hobi.

Bad weather conditions

The family of five simply wanted to visit relatives not far from them. The Vanderhoof family will long remember this Friday, 25 June 2021. It was in the vicinity of the town of Waverly that the parents and their three children suffered the wrath of the skies.

On the way, they realised that the weather conditions were not in their favour. They had to deal with heavy rain and strong winds. But that was not all. While riding in their car, the little family was unexpectedly struck not once, but three times by lightning. The dad told LADBible:

It's a crazy thing. It came out of nowhere. Everything went white all of a sudden and we heard four deafening bangs.
I didn't realise until afterwards that we had been struck by lightning.

No injuries

More fear than harm. At least that's what the storm chaser said. Nathan, Sarah and their three small children escaped without injury.

Carl Hobi, who was following them closely, filmed the whole scene and said that his priority, after watching the power of the lightning strike the vehicle, was to make sure the Vanderhoofs were safe. He told The Indian Express:

The first thing they did was to make sure the children were okay and fortunately they were.