This zip line in The Phillipines will take your breath away

Lovers of thrills and beautiful landscapes, this unforgettable activity could be for you.

This zip line in The Phillipines will take your breath away
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When one decides to take a few days for themselves, they may very well want to rest and recharge their batteries, but you can also choose to push your limits a little more and test out new experiences. That’s exactly what his holidaymaker did, as you can see on the footage!

A stunning view

What could be more pleasant than walking in the countryside and admiring the landscapes in another country? How about looking at these same landscapes while having a thrilling experience! In the Philippines, there is indeed this fairly impressive activity for tourists.

First-person view

Rather than a simple walk, tourists have the opportunity to take a zip line trip in the vicinity of Lake Sebu. A tourist was able to film his flyover thanks to an onboard camera hooked onto a pole, and the images are breathtaking! Powerful waterfalls, trees as far as the eye can see, the man obviously received a good dose of adrenaline while admiring the local panorama.

Have a strong stomach

The trip lasts for several seconds and as many warn you, make sure to have a strong stomach! People with vertigo should probably abstain from this activity…