This Yoga Demonstration On Twitch Really Shouldn't've Been Allowed

Doing yoga on an office chair was this week’s bright idea from a video streamer…

The Twitch platform, created for video game streaming, has become a place for exchanges and discussion over the last few years. There are many categories dedicated to parallel practices such as ASMR or even group sports. There are limits, though, especially with respect to Twitch’s behavioural policy.

Therefore any deviant behaviour, inciting hatred, nudity, drugs (both at the same time), alcohol, etc. must be banned from the platform. We could list off plenty of misdemeanours which have taken place on some channels, and that have often led to being definitively banned.

Only it seems that Twitch’s vigilance varies depending on the individual. Take LivStixs, a pretty popular streamer who practices Yoga. During a live session, a spectator challenged her to do some Yoga poses on her chair! Not to mention the dangerous nature and stupidity of these acrobatics, what should have happened, did indeed happen. The chair finally tipped over and LivStixs ended up in a very uncomfortable-looking position.

We’ll let you see it for yourself in our video. Watch out though, she tends to shout quite loud!

Should she have been banned for that? No chance… However, a pro gamer who wants to celebrate their birthday with a friend in their room? No, we can’t have that…

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