This woman’s chest won't stop growing and doctors can't figure out why

They’re out of control! 46-year-old Lamphrai Srinuan doesn’t know what to do to solve her problem.

One woman from Thailand is going through one of the worst periods of her life, and although for lots of women, having a large chest might sound great, having large breasts can also be quite an inconvenience.

In the case of 46-year-old Lamphrai Srinuan, her situation is incredibly serious. Her enormous breasts, that started growing out of control three years ago, have been causing her quite a lot of health-related problems.

Lamphrai, who is married but has no children, says she is in constant agony every day, with chronic pain in her chest, back, shoulders and now even needs to walk with crutches:

It’s very difficult for me to even sit or lay down to sleep at night.

Lamphrai also revealed that due to the size of her breasts she can no longer wear shirts and instead wraps her torso with a heavy cloth to distract the attention away from her chest. She only has one large shirt that she wears when she goes to the hospital.

I don’t wear clothes because every shirt I have doesn’t fit me now. I only have one large shirt that I wear when I go to hospital.

Although she went to the hospital for help, it was found that Lamphrai wasn't pregnant nor did she have cancer. Instead, she is suffering from a condition called Gigantomastia, a very rare condition that causes the excessive growth of breast tissue. However, doctors still can't identify what caused the condition to take place.

Lamphrai hopes that someone will one day be able to help ease her pain and stop her from suffering so she can lead a normal and decent life.

If you want to find out more about her case and her possible condition, check out the video above for more details.

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